Development of project documentation (stages P, RP)

Reconstruction and modernization of flat and rolled glass production

Production of equipment for batch plant

Production of equipment for factory and foreign glass cullet lines, glass mass granulation

Automatic control system

The production of flat glass manufactured by the float process, by the upward and upward-horizontal drawing process requires high chemical homogeneity of glass melt, as it is one of the determinant factors for obtaining glass with minimal optical distortion and banding. The molten glass homogeneity thereat depends on the constancy of the chemical and granulometric composition of raw materials, the accuracy and stability of dosing batch components, the quality of stirring the raw mixture as well as on conditions for its optimal storage and handling. All these requirements are totally taken into account and provided in equipment and process lines designed and commissioned by Stromizmeritel at some Russian and foreign flat and rolled glass plants.


LLC «AGC» Flat Glass Klin»

Klin, Russia


  • The project of an automated dosing section for glass decolorizers in production of colorless flat glass with increased transparency («Crystalvision» trademark)
  • Manufacturing, installation and commissioning of dosing equipment and control system
  • Manufacturing and installation of process equipment for unloading and dosing of selenium, cobalt oxide, iron oxide and erbium oxide section

JSC «Salavatsteklo»

Salavat, Russia


  • Project of batch plant with a capacity of 1000 tons/day
  • Dosing-mixing lines
  • Project and supply of equipment for foreign and return cullet processing and dosing line
  • Row material processing department
  • Controlling system of batch plant equipment
  • Project and supply of equipment for the silicate lump and liquid glass production section