Pneumatic impactors


Pneumatic hammer is designed for reproduction of sharp blow to the walls of storage hopper, when the material sticks or hangs in the hopper. The working conditions are at a temperature of 5° to 40°, relative humidity of 90%, and atmospheric pressure of 84-106,7 kPa.

технические характеристики

ParametersPP – 25PP – 40PP – 63PM – 125
Piston diameter, mm254063125
Piston distance, mm203050100
Controlpneumaticpneumaticpneumaticelectro pneumatic
Pneumatic feeding from power network with pressure, MPa0,5 ± 0,10,5 ± 0,10,5 ± 0,10,5 ± 0,1
Air consumption, normalized to normal pressure, taking into account the coefficient of heat loss of 1,4, m3/min0,0840,2520,843,72
Volume of air during one cycle of operation (0,1 sec), m³0,00010,00030,0010,006
Striking energy, J5,517,267,5270
Requirements for cleaning and drying of compressed air to GOST 17433-80, class 7777
Weight, kg, max0,21,122,856,3